Total Time: 75 Minutes (USA) 2002

Genre: Action-Adventure

Availability: All forms of Media in all territories




Synopsis:  Dodger Cole walks out of jail into a changed world.  The Virginia hills where she once raced and ran bootleg whiskey have become overrun with convenience stores and giant sized mega marts.  When she sees the family still bulldozed to make way for yet another Super-Great Mart she unleashes her gang on moonshine fueled rampage of revenge to take back the South and send the modern day carpetbaggers to HELL!


“Unabashed and unashamed trash, but it’s consistently entertaining and amusing.  This film is a salute to B-Movie drive-in classics of yesteryear (i.e. “Macon County Line,” “Walking Tall,” “Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry”).  The Soundtrack features such regional bands as Angry Johnny and the Killbillies, Trailer Bride, Drive-By Truckers, Kirk Rundstrom, The Shiners, Used Carlotta, Lancaster County Prison and Channel 43 – further seasoning the Southern-fried flavor of this flaky, funky treat.  THIS FILM RECEIVES OUR THREE STAR RATING….Winston-Salem Journal